Sinus CT Scan

To provide even better care for the patients we have added a CS 9600 CT scanner. It dramatically
enhances our diagnostic capabilities by providing 3D images at a high quality and lower radiation dose, then any of the surrounding facilities. With both sitting and standing options for imaging, the CS 9600 comfortably accommodates patients of all shapes, sizes, and physical abilities. This scanner features one of the highest 3D image resolutions available, which provides us with an unprecedented view of your sinuses and enables us to diagnose more confidently. The sharp, highly detailed, and contrasted images provide a unique view of your sinuses and helps you see exactly what we see. This in turn, can help you feel more comfortable with your treatment decision.

With the high-quality 3D image, Low Radiation dose, Minimal cost to the patient, We believe in whatmatters the most “The Best patient care we can possible give”.

IMG 3302

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